Motorcycle Lessons – Compulsory Basic Training

Every aspiring driver must undertake a basic training programme before they can take to the road and have motorcycle lessons with a qualified trainer. The compulsory basic training is also known as a CBT is a day that isn’t assessed or tested designed for you to learn the basics of using a bike before you start to book further motorcycle lessons. This CBT covers important on and off-bike areas such as maintenance checks, manoeuvring, braking, gears and many more.

Preparing for Your Motorcycle Lessons and Test

Before you can take any motorcycle lessons or test, the first thing you need to do before learning to ride a motorcycle is applying for your provisional licence. Like when you drive a car your provisional licence allows you to start taking motorcycle lesson once your provisional arrives; usually taking up to 1-2 weeks so it’s good to plan in advance.

To prepare you for riding your motorcycle in different situations and to give you experience on the road and the challenges you may face first you should book in your motorcycle lessons. These motorcycle lessons will give you first-hand experience what it is like to ride a motorcycle on busy roads to give you the knowledge you will need ready for your test. These motorcycle lessons make sure you can ride confidently and safely in different road and traffic conditions, and that you know the highway code.

Motorcycle Lessons

Motorcycle lessons

Now you’ve passed your CBT and your looking to book your first motorcycle lessons, but how you learn how to ride is entirely up to you. There are different courses and plans in place so you can decide what motorcycle lessons are best for you. For example, there are intensive courses available for those who want to fast track their way to passing their motorcycle test. These are up to 2 weeklong courses incorporating all CBT, lessons, theory test and practical test to get you on the road as quickly as possible. However, if this doesn’t sound like your way of learning there are many other motorcycle lessons and options you can take.