Keys are an important part of many businesses, keys give us access to vehicles, buildings, secure areas, machinery, and equipment.

Are key management solutions cost effective?

Key management solutions are usually put in place because keys have been lost or misplaced. This can come at a massive cost to the business, the time spent searching for keys and the cost to replace them can be very expensive.

Key management solutions can offer more accountability, cost-saving, improved security, and better efficiency.

The various key management solutions out there

There are many key management solutions out there, such as:

Electronic key cabinets- Electronic key cabinets, these cabinets can give fast access to keys for whoever is authorised to use them. They can also offer full reports of who has which keys.

Mechanical systems- the mechanical systems can offer a range of fast, secure methods to store and manage keys. Lockers or peg in peg out boards can come in various sizes and

Key control software-Key control software can be accessible from anywhere in the world, keys can be checked in and out with a variety of options, giving you total flexibility of a key management solution.

Cabinets & safes- key management cabinets & safes can provide easy access to your keys, some even come with mirrors on the front so you can see if anybody is loitering behind you, or glass fronted cabinets so you can see the keys you want to access.

The main things that you would hope to get from key management solutions are dependability, secure and safe access, accountability, and increased productivity.

Find a good key management company

Do your research when looking for a good key management company, there are many out there and prices and products will differ.

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